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DJ nela -
leonela aguirre

Leonela, predominantly known by fans & supporters as DJ Nela has gained the attention of many by mashing up Pop and Hip Hop with sub genres of EDM, typically ranging from house to deeper wobbles of bass music. Nela also is no stranger when it comes to pleasing the crowd. You may recognize her as residential DJ at Aero and Neon Beach and former residential dj of the infamous Girl The Party in Orlando. 

Nela grew up around musicians and since an early age, learned piano, drums, and eventually played the clarinet in band. Due to her love for music, Nela fell in love with the idea of learning to DJ and began mixing in 2013. Since the beginning of Nela’s career, she has grown astronomically, opening the stage for a multitude of well-known artists such as Valentino Khan, 4B, and Bonnie x Clyde, as well as playing for festivals such as Asteria Music Festival, Frequency Burst, and Supr Music Festival. 

Nela is currently working in the studio perfecting her sound and producing alongside producer Jaxan as a duo called SwtrWthr. Together the duo have released several tracks and are working on future releases. DJ Nela also offers different DJ services such as weddings, private parties, and corporate events, but when the sun goes down, you can find her crushing it at the club with her high energy mixes!

Preferred Genres: House, Trap, Future Bass, Progressive House


what to expect

We are offering weekly DJ classes at our locations. Join experienced DJ and Instructor, Nathan Fraze to learn everything from the basics to advanced DJ Techniques!

Classes are available as a complete 12 week (1 hour per week) DJ program or you can choose specific Classes that you have interest in… Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced DJ, you will find valuable and practical hands on information in this program!

  • Home DJ set-ups and choice of equipment
  • Professional Equipment and set-up
  • Music genre (Types of Music)
  • Beat mixing/Pitching/Tempo
  • Platter/Jog wheel and mixer operation
  • Cueing Techniques
  • EQing
  • Delay effects techniques

Tuition & Fees


Weekly Session

  • 1 Hour Sessions
  • Flexible Schedule
$64.50 / session
  • $35 One-Time Registration Fee Per Student 
  • $64.50 Individual 1 Hour Lessons
  • Flexibility to choose all or only specific topics that you need help with

DJ Course Curriculum

  • What does a DJ really do?
  • What do I need to get start as a DJ?
  • Essentials to start Practicing
    • DJ Controller
    • Laptop
    • XLR/Instrument Cable
    • Speaker with XLR/Instrument Cable Input
    • Over Ear Headphones
  • Gig Equipment
    • Active Speaker (You want 2, but start with at least 1)
    • 2 sets of XLR/Instrument Cables
    • Power Stripes and Extension Cords
    • Speaker Stands
    • Microphone
    • Over the Ear Headphones
    • Table
    • Some kind of Facade or Table Clothe
    • Lights and Light Stands (These are less important)
  • Choosing the right type of controller (recommended Pioneer)
  • Talk about different DJ software (RekordBox, Serato, Virtual DJ
  • Basics of how to use a DJ controller to start playing music and basics of setting up and using a DJ program
  • What is Beat matching and why it is so important?
  • How to Beat Match effectively
  • Discuss what EQ’ing is and how to use the three band EQ on your DJ board
  • Discuss what the Mixer on your Board has and can do
  • Discus what each DDJ platter has and can do
  • Discuss how to change tempo percent and effectively speed or slow a track for efficient beat matching
  • Talk about Cueing and Volume control
  • How to avoid redlining and why that is bad
  • Where to put Cues and when to mix another song (Mix in chorus instead of verse)
  • Basics of Genres and playlists
  • Discuss what are your favorite genres?
  • How to create and organize Crates in DJ program
  • Intro to scratching
  • What the crossfader is and how to use it
  • Practice the hand movement timing of when to close and open the crossfader for scratching
  • Practice scratch transitions
  • Discuss what effects you have and how to use them
  • How to transition between genres and the rule of 3
  • How to use effects as transitions
  • Echo is most common transition
  • How to create loops on the spot and how they can help transitions
  • Knowing what section of a song to loop
  • Examples of multiple transitions and practice using each one
  • Transitions include: use of HP/LP, Echo, Spin back, Volume Fade out, Reverb out, Low EQ cut and fade out, etc.
  • Practice techniques with rule of 3 and running a 10-minute set
  • Splitting a song into acapella and melody and why that can be useful
  • What is a mashup and how to do it effectively?
  • Understanding the energy in a set or the songs you are playing/selecting
    Good song selection to keep engagement up
  • Discuss the flow of your set and why that is important (can’t just have high intensity all the time, people will get bored)
  • Go more in depth into genres and make sure starting to build up a wide category of music
  • Planning a set list and what that means (No this is not prerecording your set or planning your set song by song)
  • How to read a crowd and what to do if no one is engaged (Rule of 3)
  • Understand your audience and do your research on the event you will be DJing
  • How to be professional in the working environment
  • Always arrive 30 minutes early and make sure you have all equipment packed in advance
  • Discuss what wires to have as a backup
  • Discuss what to do when things go wrong (Remember: Don’t panic, there is usually a simple solution)
  • How to MC for an event
  • Microphone etiquette
  • Best ways to use and set up a microphone for your event
  • Equipment setup and tear down for a gig (this includes lights, speakers, and DJ equipment)
  • You typically aren’t paid for setup or takedown so you want to be efficient about it
  • Student specific Scratching
  • Student specific mixing
  • Discuss different DJ setups and what to expect at different events
  • Discuss importance of having playlists on a flash drive to keep with you for easy access of music
  • What are CDJ’s and how to use them if you are in a Club or High profile gig
  • Importance of converting files to be read by RekordBox
  • What does it mean to go Back 2 Back (B2B)
  • More in depth mixing and practice with different genres
  • Who do you want to be as a DJ
  • Come up with a name that you want to go by
  • Importance of creating a Soundcloud and MIxcloud
  • Why it is important to post a mix on Soundcloud and Mixcloud
  • How to record a mix to post
  • Plan out a 20 minute mix to be recorded and posted
  • Connect (At least) Soundcloud to Instagram and Facebook
  • What is a DAW and why is it important?
  • Basics of modern music production
  • Basics of Gain Staging, Mixing, and Mastering
  • Advertising yourself on social media
  • Searching for promoters and posting about yourself and your services on multiple different websites
  • Set yourself up on thumbtack as a DJ (You can get a wide range of gigs that way)
  • Discuss how much to charge for an event
  • Research the events you want to DJ at, find out what they typically play, and who runs promotion
  • Record Mix and post to Soundcloud + Mixcloud
  • Demonstrate your ability to adapt to different scenarios and genres
  • I will give you a scenario and you will figure out what music to play on the spot
  • Final overview of contacting events and booking
  • Student specific scratching
  • Student specific beat matching
  • In depth genre and crate organization

Optional: More in depth Concepts in Music Production

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